Naview is a Volkside service. The service concept, design and implementation are copyright © 2009-2010 Volkside. All rights reserved.

Naview is partially built on the open source project management tool Retrospectiva. We also make use of several other open source libraries and components – a full list will be added later. Several code fragments and tips come from the awesome Stack Overflow.

Naview uses jQuery and the following plugins:

Naview logo is inspired by diagram 33.1 in The Science of Biology. We are using Ed Merritt ‘s Vaga icon set and one icon from Oliver Twardowski’s Flavour icons.

Naview privacy policy is modelled after On Technology’s ezimerchant Sample Privacy Statement. Terms of service are inspired by 37signals’ Basecamp and Campaign Monitor.

We would like to thank the above individuals and organisations for making these resources available online!