Announcing new plans for Naview

We are excited to announce the launch of new Naview plans today! These new plans offer more functionality and extra capacity and are available immediately:

  • Bronze plan: Design navigations for small to medium websites – US$39/month
  • Silver plan: Design and test navigations for large websites and intranets – US$89/month
  • Gold plan: For enterprise projects – US$119/month

The Bronze plan helps you design and build navigation prototypes quickly while the Silver and Gold plans also allow you to use surveys to test the usability of your navigations with users. See the Plans and Signup page for full details.

These new plans are available as a monthly subscription. Naview is a month-to-month, pay-as-you-go service and there is no long term commitment.

About the Early Access plan

We would like to thank all our current customers for their invaluable feedback on Naview that has helped us shape the service into what it is today!

The Early Access plan is no longer available for new customers, however current customers will remain on this plan until November 30th, 2010. After this all current Early Access accounts will be changed over to the Free plan. Your data will remain in Naview, however you may not be able to add or edit items where the capacity of the Free plan is less than the Early Access plan. See the Plans and Signup page for full details on each plan.

About the Free plan

We welcome new customers to sign up for the Free plan to try out Naview and to confirm that the service meets your needs. You can upgrade your Free plan to one of the paid plans at any time on the My Account page.

For more information

Please make sure you read the updated Terms of Service, which includes our refund and cancellation policy, and the Privacy Policy.

Contact us with your questions, ideas or feedback.

Thank you for your continued interest in Naview!

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