Improved notification emails

When you sign up for Naview we ask for your email address, which is only used for the purposes outlined in the privacy policy. You are sent an activation email after signing up to verify that the email address is valid.

We noticed lots of activation emails going missing recently. Upon investigation it turned out that some major free email providers like Gmail and Hotmail had started marking Naview notifications as spam, and they never showed up in your inbox. We apologise for this.

We have now improved the email content and structure as well as our email server configuration to facilitate successful delivery. And just to be on the safe side, we’ve also added a link after sign up using which you can resend the activation email in case it doesn’t arrive the first time.

If you sign up for Naview and do not receive the activation email within a few minutes please check your spam folder (more > Spam in Gmail, Junk in Hotmail):

Gmail spam folder

Obviously this shouldn’t happen, and we would really appreciate if you dropped us a quick message in case it does!

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